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Owner's Canine Holistic Therapy Certification Course

Instructor: Dawn Cooper, TBMI, TPM Cn., Eq.
Founder, Total Balance Method

About the Course

Students will study bones and muscles, muscle function as it relates to movement. Extensive study in how muscles relate to specific issues of movement and discomfort and how to address those issues through multiple massage techniques. Additionally, introduction into the Traditional Chinese Medicine principals and uses within the context of well-being, comfort and balance of energies. Student will learn skills in locating, identifying, and solving issues of discomfort, emotional distress, and areas of suspicion for injury, and learn how to formulate therapies to alleviate them. Visual material used to instruct proper techniques in therapy protocols, provide extensive explanation of stretches used to enhance chiropractic comfort, relieve muscle tension and improve the ease of movement. Instruction in energy therapies including but not limited to chakras, herbals, and proper use of essential oils as an aid to goals outlined by owner.

Owners will choose which course material best fits the needs of their dog from the following list:

  1. Large Dog
  2. Medium Dog
  3. Small Dog
  4. Large Dog Athlete
  5. Medium Dog Athlete
  6. Small Dog Athlete

The courses noted as "Athlete" are for those dogs engaged in games such as fly ball, obedience trials or sporting events. Dogs in these activities will have recurring physical stresses that may not appear in dogs who are not engaged in such activities on a regular basis. The course materials in those units are geared toward the physical stresses most seen in those activities.

Instruction Resources:

Course Materials provided:

Sessions to begin:

January, March, May, July, September, November

Session size: 12

Number of Students per session is restricted to: 12. All the students begin session work in a group, but work at their own pace and may finish at different times. No students are held to the pace of the others in their session.

Duration of course:

Students have 9 months to complete the different phases of the course before their individual tutoring expires. However, students are usually expected to complete the exam within the year. A one time extension may be possible.

Certification requirements:

Certificate processed and mailed to student at completion of program

Enrollment Cost:

Canine Owner's Course - $850 (USD)

Courses are limited. Allow 14 to 21 days for receipt of course materials