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Professional Canine Holistic Therapist Certification Course

Instructor: Dawn Cooper, TBMI, TPM Cn., Eq.
Founder, Total Balance Method

Eligible students must have completed the Owner's Canine Holistic Therapy Course.

Students will further their skills in multiple therapies with advanced biomechanics, along with advanced stretches, and massage techniques. Additional study may include elevated techniques in the use of energy, stones, essential oils and other therapeutic tools. Traditional Chinese Medicine therapies are expanded in scope and application.

Students for the Professional Therapist course will choose one of two categories of study focus:

  1. Sport and Companion Therapy
  2. Rehabilitation Therapy

Instruction Resources:

Additional Course Materials provided:

Sessions to begin:

Students do not start in sessions. Each student has one year to complete the final exam for the Professional level.

Certification requirements:

Students will receive their certificate by mail once they have successfully completed the course and passed the final exam.

Enrollment Cost:

Professional Canine Holistic Therapist Course - $1,200 (USD)

Successful completion of the Canine Owner's Course is a prerequisite for taking this course

Course enrollments are limited. Allow 14 to 21 days for receipt of course materials